Dirty, dirty, dirty

Dirty, dirty, dirty, coming in the dirtiest from the dirty spanish scene. The sweet decandance and the intense rhythms invite to the people to feel as a voyeur accomplices of this disturbing project. A personal point of view of the discopunk music on the last Imperial days. Dirty Princess it´s a incorrect trio. The electronic music although is eulogized/ praised suffers in our country the worst treatment Under excuses or pretexts is treated as a illegal entertainment, as a uncomfortable good. Survival´s Art or the Art survival. The business of the decadence music will not survive us. If the Empire counter-attack, Dirty Princess starts the party. Dirty Princess is a project conceived by Big Toxic (traitor of   the Drum&Bass and all the   rhythms), ready to put the last music tones on the Romas´s fall. Proselytism of the techno and the strong language for corrupts minds? There´s something going on   between them. Some people is going to regret.
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