Born as a product of compulsive buying; a visual transgression, the annoying sound of epileptic revenge.

Creating added value

DIRTY PRINCESS is a consumer, disposable but non-recyclable. It’s high toxicity pollutes the rest of the elements and it is not suitable for minors without parental consent.

DIRTY PRINCESS is not an original proposal. It uses sound canons and cliches based on fixed occidental electronic music standards and plagiarizes itself.

Music as self-defense.

DIRTY PRINCESS is against monopolies although it aspires to create one.

Zero tolerance for intolerance. Total freedom of expression even though it goes you up.

We are concerned only with the 21st century because we will not witness the 22nd.

DIRTY PRINCESS says women are as evil as men.

DIRTY PRINCESS is in favor of the change: at least twice or three time and without previous notice.

DIRTY PRINCESS says no to loan-sharking, banana capitalism, the exploitation of the weaker, unfair competition and sometimes the copyright.

DIRTY PRINCESS says no to the power of the tribe against the individual. Collectivity, yes. Corporatism, no.

Robotics in the hands of the people.

DIRTY PRINCESS has the power of ideas. Art against craft.

DIRTY PRINCESS says no to power against unpower. Anti-traditionalist

DIRTY PRINCESS calls shit everything it doesn’t understand because if it is not understandable then it doesn’t fulfill its own function.

Function: makes you forget that it is shit.

DIRTY PRINCESS uses a system of trial and error although it has no criteria to evaluate the results.

DIRTY PRINCESS is antagonistic and polytheistic. It claims the Greco-roman, the French Revolution and cyberpunk as the real foundation of future occidental thinking. Leonardo da Vinci, Philip Glass, Internet.

DIRTY PRINCESS proposes religion against religion.

Self-creation (self-ceremonies, self-burial)

No more desert religions based upon revenge, a religion for every individual. A new celestial plan mortgaged for more profits.

DIRTY PRINCESS is a friend of all Utakus of the world. Better alone than in bad company. Ecology at a distance. Diving without the bottle.

Everyone has the right to live their vices anyway they want. Hedonism against morality. No more violent, furious vegetarians.

My dog tricks me with the cards.

The washing pill.

Neo-feminism, anti-puratanism.

Against the conservative right and the puritanical feminist left.

Undocumented photography?

Justified jealousy? castrated humans?

Jezebel Bond.

My cunt is mine and I do what I want.

The total freedom of expression.

Open ramps and closed hatchways!

DIRTY PRINCESS supports animals but

DIRTY PRINCESS recommends with animals of the same species.


Money corrupts. We are corrupted and have no money.

Never have so many people had so little.


DIRTY PRINCESS doesn’t have hair on the tongue although suggests shaving the pubic hair.

The straight road is always monosyllabic: yes/no.

Elementary and dirty. The dirtier the better: yes/yes.

Digital life, genital life.

We are against information manipulation because we believe we are the only ones with the right to do it.


-NOTE: DIRTY PRINCESS is against everything that has been stated above.